Oscland to Throw in the Towel

Following prolonged low activity levels, the Kingdom of Oscland – which was founded in 2005 – will be discontinuing its existence, according to King Oscar. If the remainder of the citizenry approves of the dissolution, Oscland will become a province in a new micronation under development by King Oscar, called Mornemici.

Noting that “Oscland has been part of me for over two years now,” King Oscar conceded that he no longer feels the same attachment to the micronation which he had in previous times. Andreas the Wise, a citizen, expressed his sadness with the decision to dissolve the Kingdom, but was consoled by the decision to make Oscland part of a new micronational endeavour.

To date, all citizens have expressed support for the decision; essentially meaning that the dissolution can be considered as being enacted. It is unclear if there will be a formal dissolution decreed after all citizens have had the chance to provide feedback on the decision.

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