Pacary forum woes continue

After losing their national board almost two weeks ago, Pacary is still trying to find an able host for the board. However, after half a week of the forums being down, the Strategos for Pacary, Liam Sinclair, opened up a temporary board to combat the halt in Pacary life caused by the loss of the main board.

While the Pacary government returns to a somewhat normal life at the temporary board, a debate is raging on in Pacary, involving the future of the nation. The subject of these talks are what discussion board should be used as the national forum. The previous board, which was lost, was hosted by phpBB. In a poll for citizens, the choices of Ikonboard and Ezboard are tied at three votes a piece after the poll closed today. While there are only five active citizens, Peter Little, the former micronationalist, supposedly returned to Pacary and cast a vote in favour of the ezboard choice.

The choice of discussion boards may not seem an all important subject, but for Pacary they are vital. Supporters of the ezboard claim that since the rest of the micronational community Pacary associates with use ezboard that Pacary should too. The ability to easily manipulate the cosmetic look of an ezboard is also a major factor as Pacary’s forums are specially designed. In favour of Invision Board is the strong security of the board and the options available to users. The fight for Invision Board is so intense that one supporter has threatened to leave Pacary should ezboard win. Who knew that a choice of discussion boards could make such a lively issue? Only in Pacary.

While the debate is going on, Peter Clark is preparing to host the Pacary national phpBB forums (minus around 900 posts that were lost when the previous host deleted the board), at his website host. He has said that it will be about a week, if all goes well, before the forums are online. It is widely expected that should the board at Clark’s host come online before the debate between Ikonboard and Ezboard is finished, the debate will be dropped and Pacary will crawl back to its old board and rebuild.

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