Aeronesia Wargame Pitiful Failure

THE ARMORY, AERONESIA-Despite early promise, the Aeronesian wargame ended more or less exactly as it had started, with the two sides proving their mutual inability to conduct military exercises and with Aeronesians more concerned than ever about their military readiness.

After the first few bomb attacks, everything became very quiet on the boards of the two teams. As of this writing, there has not been a post there since September 5th. The Blue Team attempted to get a rules change on the 6th, but the Red Team successfully argued against the effort. After that, the only activity was intermittent attempts to bribe the game’s administrators, with offers reaching up to 1000µ.

The Blue Team claims to have one, but the actual question of who took the victory is by no means certain. Inside information suggests the game will be declared a stalemate, or even that both sides lost.

Blackrock Takes Sides In Bellatorian Civil War

BELLATORIAN EMBASSY, BLACKROCK-The Republic of Blackrock entered the Bellatorian Civil War yesterday on the side of the loyalists, responding to the failure of the rebels to comply to an ultimatum by announcing the as-yet-unknown “Operation Eagle”.

The war was provoked when the southern part of Bellatoria, which bases itself on US geography, seceded and formed the “United States of the South” and the “Republic of Florida” with a Declaration of Independence suspiciously resembling that of the US’s (OK, exactly the same as the US’s). Despite continuous probing by this paper, their reasons and complaints are still not clear. In fact, very little about this war is clear…there is no tangible reason to believe, beyond the comments of the Bellatorian leader called FSBellatoria, that these rebels even exist. They have no site, no forum, no ICQ, no AIM, and were unable to answer simple emails pertaining to their intentions. It is known that, as the rebels claim to have 13 large micronations as allies, and as the large empire of Q’atterra-Macusiaa supports Bellatoria, there is some fear that this conflict could, in the words of FSBellatoria, “trigger WWIII”.

Minor Stories: September 05/2000

-Eoin Dornan of Blackrock was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for his diplomatic efforts.

-FSBellatoria of Bellatoria is facing a civil war. The southern parts of Bellatoria, which is based on US states, seceded into two republics in a move which is likely to start a conflict. Blackrock and the Rasinate, both allies, have stated their intention to help Bellatoria in any possible war.

-UEC, formerly an Aeronesian leader, but lately accused of spamming and general disruption, is expected to be found guilty by a trial of four people tomorrow.

-DStryker of Istvanistan has given the country another week to prepare for their currency being opened on the international market once more. This week was formerly the deadline.

The End of Tulsa

Tulsa, a friend to the Apollo Sector since it became the first nation ever to recognize Audentior, is no more. King Charles dissolved the nation by royal decree late on Sunday. He cited a lack of activity as the main cause.

Tulsa’s allies were quick to offer their support in these difficult times. Morovia acknowledged their commiseration with the king in an open letter from their ambassador. The Rasinate of Qattera-Macusiaa bestowed on the king the title of Charles the Great for his friendship to the Ras, and are planning a national day of mourning. We of the Fireball are thankful to Tulsa and its king for improving micronationalism, and wish Charles the Great success on whatever role he may next undertake.

Aeronesia At War

Well, not really. However, it certainly would look that way to any observer. As part of a military exercise, the Armed Forces, divided into two groups called the Blue Team and the Red Team, are squaring off against each other. The teams each have to invade the opposing forum and protect their own, with their success to be judged by President Steffke and Gene Saquid.

The Red Team, led by Commander-In-Chief Shaddinger, has been occupied full time defending their forum from deadly Blue text bombs, with the exception of a brief period on the 4th when GMan himself managed to spam the Blue fora a bit. As of this morning, it certainly seemed that Blue, under Air Force leader Bill Dusch, had the best of the situation; the Red captain, however, vowed he would never surrender.

New Act In The Tragicomedy That Is Treesia

Treesia is facing even more than its usual share of insanity this week, as Prime Minister Hubert’s absence has allowed a few of his more egregrious mistakes to leak out.

The nation’s first problem was Hubert’s provocation of the Rasinate. After narrowly averting war after revealing a formerly secret plan of theirs, they provoked Qattera-Macusiaa again by calling them fascists. After another threat of war, Hubert removed the offensive comments.

The next problem was with Lyrica. The day before Hubert’s departure, he “annexed” the country by claiming to have done so in their EGroup. Lyrica, which was not quite as dead as the PM thought, promptly declared war. So far no battles have been fought…in fact, there has been no sign of the war at all. Treesians are hopeful the whole affair will just blow over.

There is a law being debated in the Cabinet to discuss the impeachment of a Prime Minister. If it passes, which does not seem likely, it will almost certainly be applied.

Minor Stories: September 03/2000

-Jason Steffke of Aeronesia was temporarily blocked from accessing the greater part of his nation due to an EZBoard glitch. The problem was solved after a day or so of research.

-Thomas Hubert of Treesia intends to go on vacation for a few weeks. He will drive from Vancouver to LA. President Dornan will take over his duties in the meantime.

-The Lyrican Republic was recently invaded by Treesia. Treesia, due to threats from their allies and a temporary leadership change, backed down before anything really happened.

-The Royal Makonnen family of Qattera-Macussia, a friend to many Apollo nations, has had their second child, a son. Diga V, as the baby is to be called, will be the heir to the Rasinate throne.

-Tomislav Trpmirovic of Istvanistan, along with DStryker and a large part of the government, is working to prepare the nation for a complete revival next week.