Treesia attempts Apollo induction

In an unprecedented move, Treesia is actually trying to enter the Apollo Sector. Prime Minister Thomas Hubert put the proposal up for debate on the Treesian public fora, and the Treesians voted for the measure. Due to the fact that no one really knows what makes a nation Apollo or not, its position as an Apollo Sector nation is currently unclear. The Apollonians themselves are split as to whether or not they should be accepted. John Sager points out:

I really dont think they could be considered one, unless one of the Apolyton Sector people started the nation, or the nation gets flooded by them. Although many Blackrock(ers?)(ians?) are citizens here, it does not qualify, and has to be associated within foreign affairs for awhile until it does.

Gene Saquid, however, had a different view:

I don’t know…the entry criteria are sort of vague, there are have a number of Apollonians here, might have an Apollonian President soon, and they definitely are in very close contact with three Apollo nations. Not to mention they may adopt the DStryker Currency System.

The issue is currently unresolved, though the fact that Treesia has been hurting its international reputation is a strike against them. For the sake of completeness, this newspaper will cover them nevertheless.

Elections in Blackrock

Though there has been no official announcement as to the time, Blackrock elections are approaching, and most citizens are getting excited.

Are you ready to join the PDGP? We are the most active political party. Do you really want to join the Spartan Party or the *snort* Blackrock Demesos Party? Also there are loads of kick-ass positions available in the many connected party-ventures.

The preceding ad, from the Weekly Southsider, Blackrock’s newspaper, is just one example of the election fever seizing the Irish-based Apollo country. The list of candidates for the Seanad, Blackrock’s legislature, contains names like Alan Waldock, director of the CiN, Ramone Dexter, Eoin Dornan, diplomatic leader and Treesian President, Gene Saquid, founder of Hyperborea and editor of this paper, and, surprisingly, Thomas Hubert, Prime Minister of Treesia. This is Blackrock’s first multi-party election, with the PDGP (Political Do-Gooders Party) appearing to be the only really active organization as of present. Shane Odlum’s possession of the important executive position of Secretary-General is not being threatened by this election.