Parliament makes switch to bicameral Chamber, direct democracy

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The 3rd Imperial Parliament came to a close yesterday following what was a contentious and eventful session that saw the biggest defection in Alexandrian history, which favored the Conservative Party and brought down the Liberal Government of First Consul Alejandro Castillo. Following the passing of the legislative reform acts (Act 1, Act 2), the 4th Imperial Parliament will now be composed of two Chambers – the National Assembly, composed of all citizens of the Empire, and the Imperial Senate, composed of five Senators appointed by the Emperor.

The move towards a bicameral Parliament adds the element of direct democracy, involving every single citizen in the law-making process and doing away with the constituency elections that characterized previous Parliaments. Citizens will only be able to claim their seats in the National Assembly at the beginning of every session, to avoid serious changes to the makeup of Parliament that could bring down Governments and cause instability.

The coming Opening of Parliament will probably happen a week from today, at the request of Conservative First Consul Eva Fernandez, where the new Conservative Government is expected to deliver their set of proposals and a comprehensive legislative agenda.

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