Participation in Madland in the midst of all-time low

Geneva, Madland – His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Madland, Edgard II, talked today to MBCC journalists about the crisis regarding the nation’s levels of participation which have dropped down to an all new low. “I’m sure that we’ll get through this. We always have problems with this and we have tackled them many times too,”he said to reporters. Madlandian deputy, Jorge Tuvallia (TuvallianMan), is not that optimistic: “I am seriously concerned about this crisis. I seriously hope we come up with something fast and effective.” His Imperial Majesty said that the government is planning to meet and discuss ideas to solve the crisis. “I plan to meet with Prime Minister Heureus soon to discuss this issue that plagues our nation.” His Imperial Majesty called the problem “recurrent” and “increasingly tough to handle”.

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