Paulovia Announces Major Capital Projects

The Royal Paulovian Government has announced three significant capital projects to be built within its territory. The projects include a new hydroelectric dam, new factories, and a new hospital.

The Petratis Dam Project, located in Northwestern Paulovia on the River Petratis, will provide electricity and guarantee water supplies for domestic use and the agricultural sector. The electricity will also spur development in the Northern provinces of the Kingdom. Completion of the dam is expected in April 2007.

In the Oros Protectorate, a new hospital is being constructed at Tala and is set to open in January of the New Year. Finally, new factories are slated to be built in two Northern cities to supply both the aviation and marine sectors of the economy.

Most contracts pertaining to the construction of these projects will be given to Paulovian companies, though there is a small possibility that foreign companies may be able to participate in the contracts.

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