Paulovia to Reduce Arms

Less than a week after its move to claim the Geographical Standards Organization territory held by the former Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg was met with widespread disdain from the micronational community, the Kingdom of Paulovia has announced that it will be reducing its military capacity and resorting to a less-aggressive mode of diplomacy in a bid to restore its tarnished reputation.

The Paulovian attempt to claim “Legacy Gotzborg Territory”, as it has come to be called, was most harshly objected to by the Empire of the Alexandrians, which along with Paulovia was the last remaining Novasolum treaty partner. In Operation Trojan, Paulovian military forces began crossing into the former Gotzborg territory (the estate of Gotzborg is currently in discussions with the GSO Board of Directors to remove all Gotzborg lands from the GSO map due to intellectual property reasons); soon after notifying Alexandria of its operation, Paulovia was quickly rebuffed and an Alexandrian force led by its prime minister, Pete James, deployed against Paulovia.

Stormark joined with Alexandria in the mission to the former Gotzborg capital of Lonenberg, though its intentions are thought by some to be less honourable than Alexandria’s, as Stormark had quickly declared a claim on the Royal Colony of Lusatia soon after the closure of Gotzborg. Still, the fact that some high-ranking Gotzers are also citizens of Stormark, that micronation’s intentions may be more genuine as those former Gotzers have expressed concern about the fighting over the GSO territory may harm Gotzborg’s legacy.

The opposition from Stormark, and most importantly, Alexandria, forced Paulovia to end its operation to claim the legacy territory, while at the same time surfacing memories of Paulovia’s last hostile action. In October 2006, Paulovia mobilized its military when it learned that the Republic of Anthelia intended to cede its full territory to Gotzborg, leaving Paulovia with none. That event, combined with the latest fallout of Operation Trojan, has left Paulovia with a badly bruised intermicronational reputation.

Prince Paul, the King of Greater Paulovia, issued a ‘Memorandum of Rectitude’ today in an attempt to repair the damage to his micronation’s reputation. In the memorandum, the Prince noted that he rejects any claim that “Paulovia has acted aggressively towards its treaty partners or friends, or active sought to promote conflict,” while admitting that the recent misinterpretations of Paulovian intentions has served to drive a wedge between his micronation and others.

Entering into a period of “moral rectitude”, Paulovia will realign the policies and actions of its government to conform to the micronation’s founding principles and constitution. Also included in the rectitude will be a phased reduction of Paulovia’s military assets, which grew substantially throughout the course of 2006. Paulovia will, in-essence, place less emphasis on its military forces from this point forward and instead focus on other areas of national development that were neglected in the 2006 military development tunnel vision that afflicted the micronation, such as regional administration, colonial development, and cultural initiatives.

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