Paulovia to return to activity

Prince Paul, the founder of the Principality (and later Kingdom) of Paulovia, has announced that his micronation will be returning to activity following a hiatus of nearly half-a-year. The revitalisation comes after the micronation closed in early July of this year following a decline in its relations with the simulationist community over its attempted seizure of Gotzborg legacy territory on the Geographical Standards Organisation world map.

With Paulovia now “freed from the constraints and irrationality of competing [with] imperial micronations on a virtual map,” the Principality will be revived as a non-territorial and non-secessionist micronation. Further, its resources will be committed to the promotion of peaceful diplomatic relations and intermicronational development “beyond the confines of virtual territory.” This will include the Principality contributing to charitable works and campaigning on behalf of minorities, both micronationally and macronationally.

Work is currently underway on the remodelling of Paulovia’s Internet assets, with the micronation expected to be fully back online in January 2008.

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