PDU joins Baracao

This is a copy of the official announcement from the leader of the PDU, Dayfdd Young:

Today is the first of May. As Head-of-State, I am entitled to do whatever I like as there are currently no registered voters, and therefore I can legislate myself, as anything proposed by myself cannot be overridden by the People’s Congress.

I hereby formally hand over unconditional control of all PDU territory to the REPUBLIC OF BARACAO.

The PDU shall no longer exist in any capacity as a sovereign

micronation but merely as territory inside the Republic.

All PDU citizens should go to Baracao to resume duties. Government workers are relieved of their positions as of this email. If they wish to carry on in the Baracaoan Government, they are free to pursue a course of action for that aim.

Diplomatic Relations should be taken to the Ministry of Exterior

Affairs, Baracao.


Dafydd Young, Head-of-State, PDU

William Howard, Chairman, Republic of Baracao.

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