Peter Little has been banned from the Tebec Ezboard Temporarily

Press Release 20020603

03 June 2002

After making malicious attacks on the nation of Baracao, and then turning in a mad rage to his own nation, South Mondesia, the Tebec Government has decided that until further notice, or the opening of the Commons at the latest, Peter Little is banned on the Tebec Ezboard for security reasons.

We do this because he has banned everyone at the South Mondesia board and revoked the admin and moderator privileges of all legitimate members of the SM government while be is basically destroying the cornerstone of SM.

These acts are completely unacceptable. In his current state of mind, Mr. Little cannot be trusted by anyone.

– Department of Information

Follow Up: The Government of Tebec apologizes to Mr. Little for banning his account even though he was not attacking any places. However, until it is verified that the hacker can no longer gain access to Mr. Little’s main account, the temporary ban remains in effect.

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