PM Frias braces for ‘tough’ election

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Incumbent Prime Minister Jose Frias officially launched his bid for a second term recently in a speech Monday before a large crowd in his home province of Baudrix, Alexandria. Meanwhile, the electoral race for Alexandria’s top government position has begun to heat up, with the entry of former Chief Justice Juan Ciervo. Last Friday, Mr. Ciervo announced his resignation from Alexandria’s highest judicial organ, and promptly filed his candidacy papers to run for Prime Minister for the ailing People’s Democratic Party.

Pete James, who had filed papers to run under the Alexandrian Anti-Party, withdrew his candidacy after Ciervo filed his own.

Shortly after formally declaring the election race underway in his Baudrix rally, the Prime Minister said to ABCC News: “It will be a tough election for the Conservative Party … I think it will be a close election.” Despite recent opinion polls indicating support for the Conservative Party at a national level, PM Frias is bracing for a contested election. Last parliamentary election, the Conservative supermajority was decimated, mostly due to the inactivity of a large part of Conservative Party members.

As of yet, none of the candidates for Prime Minister have formally published an electoral manifesto, but the campaign is beginning to heat up with TV and billboard ads all over Alexandria. Pro-Ciervo ads are being run on the normally Conservative strongholds of Baudrix and Puerto Nuevo, pro-Frias ads are running nationally right now.

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