PM Jose Frias unveils government’s plan for economic reforms

Geneva, Alexandria; Genevan Arrow – Amidst the lull and quiet of the summer micronational slump, Prime Minister Jose Frias unveiled a large economic agenda aimed at relieving the Empire’s economic woes. Titled the “Conservative National Economic Recovery Plan“, the Prime Minister proposed reforms of a grand scale, aiming at tearing down the current manual economic system and reintegrating Alexandria into PHP MicroXchange 2 (MX2).

“The PDP-controlled Ministry of Economics has been in complete and total disarray for months now, and I plan to end that,” wrote the Prime Minister. The plan has so far recieved lukewarm reception from leading micronational economists, who sustain that Alexandria should not rely upon MX2. “MX2 is pretty much worthless these days. Don’t ask my how and why, but it seems to be randomly denying transactions. The concepts it was based on aren’t very realistic to begin with, either: instead of rewarding the circulation of money, it will increase the value of your currency if you let it pile up in your nation’s accounts,” said Sander Dieleman, one of the coders of PHP MicroXchange. In a reply supporting Mr. Dieleman, Liam Sinclair said “Aye, MX2 will have the totally opposite affect on your plans – it will destroy Alexandria’s intermicronational trade potential like it has with the rest of its users.”

The leader of the People’s Democratic Party and the current Minister of Economics, Sebastian Alexandre, welcomed the plan but issued scathing remarks, accusing the Prime Minister of using the plan as a “political tool” and of stealing ideas from the PDP’s economic agenda. “However, the over-useage of the word ‘Conservative’ seems more of a political tool than anything else. Especially when you simply took some ideas from this and made it look fancy,” said Mssr. Alexandre.

Following the remarks made by Mr. Dieleman and Mr. Sinclair, the Prime Minister stated that he is now reconsidering his decision to join MX2. Mssr. Alexandre stated that he would be against a plan that does not include integration with PHP MicroXchange 2.

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