PMO: Expect Longer Delays in Government Business

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Ras Sinclair announced to the Atteran public that they should expect longer delays in the operations of government, specifically those associated with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Imperial Ministry of Economics. The source of the delay is macronational related as those obligations have effectively pulled the Prime Minister away from his micronational duties for the majority of the weekday. In response to the growing delays, the Prime Minister announced that Deputy Prime Minister, Ras Dreesbach, will temporarily take charge of the Grand Executive Council as acting Speaker, and Emperor Tzion I will be voting for the Prime Minister on some issues in Council.

The delays were felt mainly with the upcoming July election. With both candidates set to begin their vacations this month prior to the elections, with Ras Klosso having departed for Northern Europe yesterday and Ras Dornan scheduled to start his vacation near the end of June, an electoral debate was planned to take place this week. However, the Prime Minister was unable to attend and moderate the debate so the event never occurred. The Prime Minister’s Office has stated that it will post a list of questions that each candidate can answer in the forums on various policy issues. The general public is also encouraged to post questions to the candidates via the national forums to make up for the inability to hold a national debate.

Next week the delays are expected to continue, as the Prime Minister will be away during the work week due to those macronational obligations until the end of his term and until his retirement near the end of August 2004. The Prime Minister has stated that he may resign in the coming week, leaving the Prime Minister’s Office in the hands of the deputy Prime Minister to maintain the status quo until elections occur. An announcement to confirm or deny this statement is expected from the Prime Minister’s Office mid-week.

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