Political party conventions called on eve of new session of Imperial Assembly

Geneva, Baudrix; ABCC NEWS – The Mouvement Democrate and the Social Democratic Rally have both formalized their efforts to call for their own respective party conventions in the eve of the opening of the 3rd Imperial Assembly. With the MoDems calling forth a convention to select a new leader to succeed the late First Consul Sebastien Dev, the Social Democratic Rally moved quickly to announce that they were convening their first National Council.

“Both parties are starting to dig in for what could potentially be a close re-election fight for First Consul Jacques Reynaud,” says Professor George Clouseau of the Institute of Political Studies in Valenciennes. “These conventions are a clear chance to show the Alexandrian people what each party stands for, an effort to convince Deputies to swing one way or the other.”

It is uncertain to many exactly how the conventions will unfold – the Empire’s democracy has not seen anything like this, but one thing is certain – both parties will be using this opportunity to sort out party business and rally support around their leaders.

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