Politika signs onto the Scheheradze Convention

The Republic of Politika, reputed to be nothing more than a terrorist nation in the minds of many micronationalists, has taken a major step towards changing its intermicronational image by signing the Scheheradze Convention on Micronational Warfare.

The Convention received much debate in the Politikan House of Commons and has always been opposed in its current form by many prominent Politikans due to Baracao’s membership in the Convention (effectively meaning that Politika can’t legally attack Baracao, its chief enemy). However, after the start of the mutual-defence treaty renegotiations between Attera and Politika, Attera made the adoption of the Convention by Politika a prerequisite for further treaty discussions.

The Kingdom of Babkha, which was threatening to withdraw from the Convention unless Politika signed on, stated that is was very pleased at Politika’s adoption of the Convention and that is looks forward to working with the Republic on the Scheheradze Convention Council.

President Silby commented that Politika has been working towards the adoption of the Convention for a long time, and that he was encouraged to see it pass the House of Commons with such a large majority, commenting that it symbolized that the adoption voices the “opinion of many Politikans, not just the Government, that we as a people, not just a state, are committed to peace.”

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