Poll Indicates Close Alexandrian PM Race

A poll conducted by the Coprieta Standard shows that the race for prime minister in this month’s election in Alexandria is a close one, with Conservative Party candidate Jose Frias edging out his Amelioration Party opponent, Augusto Benavides. The poll, conducted between 19 July and 21 July, gives Mr. Frias a one-vote lead.

Campaigning on an extensive platform, Mr. Frias has proposed the lengthening of parliamentary sittings from three to four months, effectively reducing the length of the Alexandrian election season by having parliamentary elections coincide with prime ministerial ones. Also supported is the reigniting of the national economic simulation, which has since ended following continual lack lustre performance. Alluding to his fury over outgoing Prime Minister Pete James’ multiple citizenships and intermicronational responsibilities, Mr. Frias has pledged to hold only citizenship in Alexandria; a perhaps empty promise given that he already conforms to that policy.

His opponent, Mr. Benavides, also released his platform touting his past record of service within the Empire, called for a more active foreign office, and increased cooperation and communication between the Emperor’s Office, the Director of Intelligence, and the Prime Minister. A major policy for his potential administration will be the development of Alexandrian culture and education. Education, in particular, has been close to the hearts of Alexandrians through continuing efforts to create a functional national university (the University of Geneva).

The poll also asked Alexandrians which political party they currently support, to which 55.6% responded the Conservative Party and 22.2% the Amelioration Party. Asked if the election were held at the time of the polling, the same breakdown in party votes was evident. The poll also found that the most popular previous prime ministers of Alexandria were Matthieu Poiters and Jose Frias, both with 33.3%, and the least popular was Pete James, with 11.1%. Juan Ciervo had the remaining 22.2%.

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