Polls closing in important Flanders referendum

Voters queue at the polls in Bruswerp, Flanders.

Bruswerp, Flanders; ABCC Foreign Desk – Polls began to close today in the Second Democratc Republic of Flanders, where voters from across the nation are casting a ballot towards helping decide the future of their country. For the last several weeks, the Governments of Flanders and Alexandria have had ongoing negotiations regarding a possible integration of Flanders into the Alexandrian Empire, with debates raging in the Flemish Parliament weeks before the polls opened on October 27th.

Voters are currently deciding between two options – union with Alexandria (along with the adoption of the Articles of Accession to the Empire and its new constitution as the Free State of Flanders) or remain independent and instead adopt a new Constitution authored by Erwin Bertholdszn, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Flanders. The President of Flanders, Mateo Mattiassen, has served as the main proponent behind the union with Alexandria.

It is unclear as of yet which option will win the referendum – a poll conducted by the ABCC Foreign Desk shows the election being close with the spread between the options well within the margin of error. 51% of those surveyed support the Mattiassen Proposal, and 48% support the Bertholdszn Proposal. Margin of error for the poll was +/- 3 percentage points.

The law passed by the Flemish Parliament calling for the referendum specifies that it can only be legally binding if one of the options gains 70% of the vote. Despite the vote being close, a majority of the members of the Flemish Parliament have agreed to pass whichever proposal ends up winning the most votes.

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