Polls in Madland open early

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – The Imperial Electoral College opened today in Geneva to begin recieving those Madlandians whose duties call them to vote for their next Prime Minister of Madland. The elections officially begin tomorrow, but some in Madland have a tradition of early voting. “I am looking forward to this election. If it’s sucessful, it will be the first officially sucessful election in Madland’s history,” said the Emperor to MBCC News.

The three candidates running for Prime Minister are John Harvey, Lord Pontmercy and incumbent Jorge Tuvallia. The MBCC predicts this will be a hotly contested election this year. So far, MBCC polls are favoring Jorge Tuvallia 60%, but everyone in Madland knows how suddenly volatile the elections can get and favor another.

Polls will close tomorrow, or as soon as all registered voters vote.


As of November 10th, 2004 – 2:38 PM EST

John Harvey – 100% (1 vote)

Jorge Tuvallia – 0%

Lord Pontmercy – 0%

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