Polls open in first election under new electoral rules

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC NEWS – The polls opened earlier today in Alexandria’s first parliamentary elections under the National Electoral Reform and Activity Stimulus Act, which amended the Constitution to incorporate the Leclerc Parliamentary Formula and proportional representation, as well as the use of party lists. The previous method was one member per constituency.

The Alexandrian Amelioration Party (AAP) was the first to begin discussing what they hoped to do through the publishing of the Free Press, an internal AAP newspaper which included an interview with Jean Carmicheal, leader of the AAP. Carmicheal stated a commitment to “keep our civil liberties strong and actually strenghtening them.” He also mentioned that the AAP hopes to work on the justice system by simplifying it and that economy “does not leave anyone behind”.

The Alexandrian Conservative Party (ACP) followed by presenting a simple five point legislative agenda titled “Continuing Reforms, Continuing Progess”. The platform ensure that the ACP would continue to fullfill the promises made by First Consul Juan Ciervo in the First Consul election, as well as codifying and revising Alexandrian law, create a National Defense Council and reorganizing the executive branch of the Government.

The election also sees the revival of the former People’s Democratic Party, renamed as the Progressive Democratic Party, under the leadership of Deputy First Consul Valeria Gonzales. She has launched a town hall meeting in her native Santander in which she released her party’s manifesto. Miss Gonzales managed to recruit current MP Frederique Lacoste as well as long-time liberal critic Sebastien Alexandre.

This election also sees a continuation of a strong tradition in Alexandria of independent candidates, with Chris Collins standing as an independent candidate. As of yet, Mr. Collins has not released a list of goals or political positions.

According to current electoral law, there are 10 seats in play for the upcoming 13th Imperial Parliament.

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