Pre-independence hype escalates, celebrations all over

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – All around Madland, pre-independence hype has escalated to a great level. Genevan shopkeepers are setting up patriotic displays and towns all over Madland have decorated their main streets with the national colors and banners. Even make-shift statues of Lady Madlandia, the human embodiment of the Madlandian nation, have been erected in town squares all over the Empire.

As the voting on the Antican Senate continues satisfactorily for the cause of Madlandian independence, more and more Madlandians are beginning to see the granting of their independence as inevitable. A Genevan shopkeeper said “We have more than five ayes in the vote. It’s pretty much ours.” The Madlandian government has not officially planned for any celebrations when voting on the resolution closes on October 16. “I will leave all the celebrating for after we get our independence. What use will it be if we do it before we even get it?,” said His Imperial Majesty to MBCC News.

The Madlandian government is set to announce soon the plans for independence celebrations. Many think it will include a guest appearance of the Antican Emperors and other foreign dignitaries. Nothing has been said, but as MBCC News went to press, the government had indicated that an announcement was inminent.

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