President discusses plans for Amerada

Tonight in a chat with Editor in Chief, Liam Sinclair, Amerada President Earl Washburn discussed his plans for the nation this fall. The main focus of his plans were various elections and rekindling the interest in the nation which has been lost in many of the citizens.

This Monday, August 19, 2002, President Washburn will close the Amerada Legislature for a period of two weeks. This will be in preparation for the upcoming by-election to fill the newly created legislative seat in Electoral District 11. Parties will have to announce their candidate within the coming weeks as the by-election will take place starting on August 24, 2002 (12:00 PM EST) until August 31, 2002 (12:00 PM EST). Parties will have until midnight (EST) on the 23rd of August to announce their candidates.

The upcoming election is just one of three major elections that will be held in Amerada by the end of this year. In October, the election for Prime Minister of Amerada will take place, with likely contenders, incumbent Derek McCullough and deputy-Prime Minister, Matt McIvor going face to face for the job as leader of the government. With less of a chance in the polls will be Chris Donle who has voiced his intent to run for the PM job. An election debate will be held on October 01, 2002 for the Prime Ministerial candidates at the Amerada website chat. The election season will be capped off with the first Presidential elections since the creation of Amerada in 2001 taking place. These elections will decide if President Washburn, the only unelected President in Amerada history, will remain in that position.

The lack of interest that has become indicative in many citizens of Amerada regarding federal affairs is a major problem that the President must combat. However, despite the inefficiency of the federal government due to this activity, the President hopes that by adding a new portfolio to Cabinet, a ministry of colonial affairs, some more activity will be made. Unfortunately, there is no member of the government, except for Mr. Washburn, who actually does something regularly in their departments.

A more plausible way to fight this governmental inactivity is an “Amerada Club”. The vast majority of Ameradians attend the same high school as President Washburn in Ottawa, Canada. The President hopes that, by creating this “club”, he will re-kindle the interest in the members of government. Another minor change in the school meetings of the Amerada government which take place throughout the school year will be a new name for those meetings, possibly known as the “President’s Privy Council”.

The President will round out the year with just one more new piece of legislation that will create a twelfth seat in the Amerada legislature. He said that, “I don’t feel the need to make anymore legislation.” As the year rounds out in Amerada, we can expect mass elections, followed by calm legislative proceedings and many days of nothing to do in the federal scene of the nation.

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