President of GSO Board Resigns Amid Frustration

The President of the Board of Directors of the Geographical Standards Organization, Benjamin Farzan, has resigned from that position after efforts were undertaken by a number of member micronations to declare no confidence in his ability, and the ability of his fellow directors. The vacancy has prompted the Board to move forward with a by-election and it casts into doubt the future of the non-confidence motion.

The non-confidence motion was initially solely directed at Farzan before being expanded against the entire board, as reported in yesterday’s Coprieta Standard article. The effort has stalled as members of the General Assembly attempt to gain consensus on how to proceed with the motion. Lachlan Powers, representing Lemuria, has recommended that proper notification and registration of voting members be compiled instead of the more informal method initially undertaken by Guido Zambelis, who proposed the non-confidence motion.

For his part, Mr. Farzan announced his resignation from the position as President of the Board shortly after. In his statement, Mr. Farzan expressed frustration as the motivation behind his resignation noting that he was “fed up [with] taking all the [explicative] and none of the credit.” He further dismissed the accusations against his leadership as baseless. As a final act in the position, Mr. Farzan opened previously off-limit archives of the organization for public viewing, providing the first opportunity for the general public to see the historic discussions that led to its creation.

Several representatives of the member nations, including those that had supported the initial no-confidence motion aimed solely at Mr. Farzan, were apologetic following the resignation. King Jeremy of New Britannia noted that it was “[doubtless that Mr. Farzan] did a lot more behind the [scenes] than we know.” The architect of the movement to have no confidence declared against Mr. Farzan and the Board, Mr. Zambelis, admitted that it was a mistake to target Mr. Farzan initially with his motion and clarified that his motion was not meant as a personal vendetta.

Emperor Harald of Stormark, one of the two remaining directors of the organization, has now called for a by-election to fill the vacancy. Member nations have been given a period of one-week to list their voting representative for the election, and nominations are currently open for potential candidates. At time of publication of this article, three nominations have been put forward, including one for King Jeremy who volunteered his time last week to produce the first update of the Geiss world map in four months, and in doing so, inadvertently helped to spark the release of long-held frustrations with the Board’s performance.

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