President Thomas Kelly of Talamthom to visit Alexandria

Geneva, Alexandria; MBCC News – President Thomas Kelly of Talamthom will make the first state visit to Alexandria on Monday to forge diplomatic ties with Alexandria and discuss other affairs affecting micronationalism today. “I look forward to productive three days in Alexandria where hopefully myself and the Emperor can discuss many matters of micronational importance and discuss future relations between our countries,” said President Kelly in exclusive to the MBCC News.

The Imperial Guest Apartments in Wesloderia, the most lavish in Madland after the Emperor’s own apartments, have been opened in advance to this great occasion. The streets of Geneva will be decorated with Alexandrian and Tománnach flags. The President will be welcomed by the Imperial Royal Family where he will be transported to Place de l’Ellsamere where parades and speeches will be made. Then both leaders shall retreat to the comfort of the Palace of Wesloderia to discuss micronational affairs. The entire schedule is still in the works and will be published soon.

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