President Washburn Censors Amerada Newspaper

The Amerada Wall-Street and Mail, under the control of Peter Little, published a paper on Thursday, January 24/2002. One story in it was insulting to President Washburn. This paper shall not repeat those comments, as it is not our policy to repeat such insults. The editor of the LATJ said to the President that he should of moved that material to the forum where such insults can be posted against politicians in Amerada. The President refused saying it is not his policy to move topics. Washburn claimed he deleted the insulting edition of the AWSM as the administrator of that Ezboard, not as the President. But at the same time, he then went on to insult Peter Little and Glen Bohach when they voiced their opposition to the paper being deleted.

If he were truly acting as an admin, and not as the president of Amerada, Earl would have taken down his own insulting comments towards Mr. Little and Mr. Bohach. This is a blatant attempt at Washburn to censor the media papers owned by the opposition members. The editor of the LATJ recommended that Mr. Little move the AWSM, which he controls, off of the Amerada forums because as long as he publishes edition there, Mr. Washburn can easily censor them.

This event happened as President Washburn has become increasingly erratic and violent in the past week. The causes of this change in the president’s personality are unknown but they are not good for him, his government, or Amerada. Any AWSM news edition that is censored because of a story will be able to publish that story in the LATJ provided it doesn’t go too far in its content. This way, President Washburn cannot edit the stories he does not like since the LATJ is out of his control spectrum.

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