President Washburn: DLPA Government is Lazy

In a recent Washiawa Post Citizen article, President Earl Washburn spilled the beans about his own party, condemning the members of the government as lazy. The Prime Minister wants all cabinet members to write a 300 word essay and the President was quoted as saying, “It’s known that Amerada’s cabinet minister’s are very lazy, and probably won’t do it,”

The president said this remark in his personal newspaper, the WPC, of which he is the chief-editor and article writer. Governor Sinclair and other RCAA members took this comment by the President as proof that Amerada needs a better, more dedicated government. However, by law the RCAA is not allowed to run for federal office. It’s suspected that the DLPA did this to keep the RCAA from presenting a viable federal alternative to the DLPA – but the President claims that it is because RCAA members do not live in the Canadian City of Ottawa. Democracy? I think not. The federal system is more of a dictatorship that prevents opposition parties from running against the DLPA for federal power.

Prime Minister Steeves announced that any member of the DLPA federal government who did not do the essay would e fired for being lazy – the public and other political parties’ doubt that this will ever happen.

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