President Washburn Threaten Tebec

In the Tebec Commons this week, the Tebec government tabled a bill entitled the “Tebec Simulated Population Act”. This act would add the website and forum hits that Tebec gets to the population figures from Amerada. President Washburn has said that if the act passes the Commons, then he will bring the Tebec Government to court. Perhaps the President needs to think straight. The Commons is a democratically elected body of representatives, if it passes a bill, then that bill has the support of the people of Tebec. The President, should the bill pass, will be taking Tebec to court for exercising its democratic rights, as there is no law, federally, that the Simulated Population Act infringes upon. Then again, what else would we expect from the “lover” of democracy President Washburn?

Late Saturday, on August 24, reliable sources have told the Government of Tebec that president Washburn is planning an invasion of the colony to prevent any passage of laws that the President doesn’t personally like. In recent days, since the tabling of the bill, President Washburn has been sniffing around for hackers, said the Government of Tebec. But, what else is new? As we saw when Pacary tried to leave Micro-Monde, Washburn declared war because they were doing something he didn’t like, same when South Mondesia left Micro-Monde – this is his style.

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