Presidential Elections enter Final Round

Round one in the Politikan presidential elections saw four candidates go after the two final positions. Two never made the second ballot: Kathyrn, Politika’s Minister of the Interior who was the only Party of Social Mobocracy member to challenge PSM leader Bobby for the position, and Andrew MacNearey, considered to be the only fascist in Politika. All twenty registered voters in Politika cast their ballots in the first round and President Bobby and his Total Mobocracy Party contender, Jonclore, advanced to the next round, each receiving 35% and 30% of the vote, respectively. So far in round two, just over half of all registered voters have cast their ballots with President Bobby narrowly leading over Jonclore with 54.5% of the vote, to Jonclore’s 45.5% (a difference of one vote).

It is entirely possible that the recent events and claims against President Bobby will affect the PSM’s campaign to retake the presidency, with many citizens likely to vote for the TMP as an alternative and thus help Politika save face from the many accusations against its current President. The election will conclude sometime in the coming week, and only then will we have an idea who will be Politika’s new president.

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