Prime Minister announces Legislative Agenda

I apologize for making an editorial the major story [of this edition], but I would like to discuss some issues relating to Attera and my Government’s legislative agenda for this upcoming first session of the Grand Executive Council.

Let’s face it, there are two major reasons why Attera’s image is that of a dark, plotting nation. The first is because of events in our past. I can’t change the past, so I won’t bother talking about that. The second reason is that we are a very secretive society. If you’re not Atteran, you rarely ever know what goes on in the nation. While I cannot tackle the first, I can take on the second and work to reduce the negative impact it has had on the nation’s relations with other micronations, and, in some cases, other micronationalists. I have already taken the first step in this task, by making the Grand Executive Council an open House of our legislature. The GEC is where all legislative discussions currently take place and an open legislature allows the general public to keep abreast of the issues affecting the nation. The GEC will also become a formal affair as a legislature should be. All people, not just Atterans, will be able to address the GEC, with the permission of the speaker of course. A public legislative system is not enough, of course. Therefore, I will be continuing on with my plans to present to the GEC, and ratify, an Access to Information Act, similar to the one that I have employed in my Micro-Monde responsibility (Tebec), which can be found at InfoTebec. The Act will, naturally, not be applicable to documents of national security or cabinet documents. However, if you make a request to the Imperial Government once the Act is enforce, we’ll do our best to fulfill your request.

Greater transparency is my major goal for this upcoming session. However, some other issues are also included on the Government’s legislative agenda. As many of you may know, in less than one month, about half a dozen online Atteran citizens, and even more offline, deploy to the Middle East as the United States prepares to oust Saddem Hussein. That is a lot of citizens, and the Government has started a recruiting campaign to help fill the void which will last at least six months…maybe longer depending on what happens. The Government plans to table a formal Citizenship Act in the GEC sometime in February that will clearly outline the requirements for Atteran citizenship, as well as some benefits to current, and future citizens, such as a clearer system of advancing through the rank system of the Empire.

Before you become completely comatose, I wish to just make one more comment on our legislative agenda. That item will be further refinement to the Economy Act. The Government is currently engaged in talks with certain parties on opening a stock market in the Empire. I hope to have the details of the act hammered out by March 2003 at the latest, by which time; the market should already be in full operation.

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