Prime Minister Makonnen announces new Cabinet

After assuming office just days ago, Prime Minister of Attera, HIH Ras Diga Makonnen IV, has announced his cabinet. The cabinet has changed greatly since PM Anderson’s days, with the addition of new faces to Attera. This announced cabinet is tentative, pending the acceptance of all those appointed to their positions.

The Eighth Imperial Government of Attera

Min of Defense: Ras Bit. William Yeh

Imperial Foreign Min.: Woy. Dejaz. Sirithil nos Feanor w/Dep. Imperial Foreign Min. Ras Bit. William Yeh

Min of Economics: Ras Liam Sinclair w/Dep. Min. Ras Diga Makonnen

Min of Interior: Me w/Dep. Min. Ras Liam Sinclair

Min of Communications: Imp. Ras Dabe Harmagedon

Imperial High Judge: Imp. Ras Charles

State Prosecutor: Imp. Ras Julian Starr

State Defense: Imp. Ras Charles

General of the Armies: Imp. Ras Diga Makonnen

General of the Inkhanidaan: Imp. Ras Dabe Harmagedon

General of the Shagadaan: Ras Liam Sinclair

Admiral of the Navy: Le’ul Ras Daniel Dreesbach

General of the Air Forces: Imp. Ras Julian Starr

This government will include two positions adopted by the Atteran Imperial Defence Forces from their newest component, the Interland Defence Force. The Interland Defence Force consisted of two simulated services, the navy and the air force, and these two positions will be kept as simulated services when Gen. Sinclair (IDF) and Gen. Makonnen (AIDF) sit down to reform the structure of the AIDF.

In other Atteran news, the Grand Executive Council has awarded the following honours to citizens of Attera:

Ras Bit. Yeh: Collar of the Black Star of Attera First Class, Hero of the Atteran Federation – First Award.
Ras Liam Sinclair: Collar of the Black Star of Attera First Class, Hero of the Atteran Federation Medal, Atteran Accommodation Medal.
Ras Oscar Anderson- Collar of the Black Star of Attera First Class, Second Award.

Ras Yeh will be receiving the Hero of the Atteran Federation for his work in laying the foundation for the currently improving relations between Attera and Cranda. Ras Sinclair will receive the HoAF and AAM, for his work in bringing together Attera and Interland.

Also, the Atteran economy is set to start up shortly. Businesses have been registering with the Atteran Business Bureau, however, they haven’t opened an account at the Imperial Bank yet. The Bank would like for all citizens and businesses in Attera to post their account opening request at the bank’s main forum so that when it opens early next week, most of the account work will have been done.

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