Profile Brief: Alternate Realities Cartography Project

alternaterealitiesThe Alternate Realities Cartography Project was the brainchild of Abbas Namvari of Babkha, and one that was triggered by immaturity on Micras. On March 12, 2003, six micronations, through the Kamalshahr Declaration, announced the formal launch of the new world map. Namvari and Atteran Liam Sinclair would head up the organisation in one of the first cases of renewed Attera-Babkha cooperation.

According to Namvari at the beginning of the development discussions in Babkha, on February 18, the goal of the organisation was to create an alternative to the Micronational Cartography Society (MCS) where “we could all run off to and leave the [Micras] Sector to the “kids.” We stayed in Micras as long as [Scott Alexander] was around as he was a pretty nice and respectable guy.”

Compared to the MCS, Alternate Realities was more serious in many respects, from the map making (which would later inspire the maps of the Geographical Standards Organization some three years later), to the application process. A micronation needed at least ten citizens to apply and every micronation received the same 2 x 2 grid-square land allocation by default (plus one extra grid square for every five citizens).

Alternate Realities would fail by the summer of 2003 after a server crash destroyed the website and Abbas Namvari had left micronationalism following the birth of his first child.

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