Profile Brief: Micro-Monde Cartography Society

microMondeThe Micro-Monde Cartography Society, founded by Earl Washburn of Ottawa, Canada, is the only cartographic organisation of the Anglophone Simulationist Community that was not created out of angst towards the Micronational Cartography Society (MCS). Founded as a creative outlet for Washburn’s love of cartography and geography, the Micro-Monde world map was a notable quality of work at the time, despite some strange looking coastlines and its cylindrical shape (used so that distortion would not have to be shown on the map).

The Micro-Monde community was unique onto itself, with key participants rarely participating in ‘Micras’ (MCS) micronations, despite the shared community language. These micronationalists and micronations were close-knit and often shared several citizens, with the Republic of Amerada being the central hub of the community. Even the macronationally-based micronation of Toaka maintained a presence on the Micro-Monde map and active diplomacy with several of its micronations.

Washburn’s vision for the world map, personal ambition, and pride would lead to the downfall of the organisation. When a micronation expressed a desire to leave the organization, Washburn’s ensuing threats caused a loss in credibility for Micro-Monde. On the exit of Washburn from active micronationalism, the Micro-Monde Cartography Society exited as well.

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