Proposed name change recieves generally good feedback

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – The Emperor’s proposed name change has recieved mixed reviews at home and overwhelming support from abroad. The conservative Monarchist leader Lord Pontmercy has voiced his opposition against such measure, while Jorge Tuvallia, leader of the Burning Torches Party, has voiced his support for this historic change.

“I recognize that change isn’t easy, said Mr. Tuvallia to MBCC News, “but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, you know?” The name change has recieved overwhelming support from abroad. People from Hanover, Red Britain and other micronations have said that they believe it is a great idea.

Other details of the bill have come under siege in the Estates-General, such as the section that would create the Imperial Nationhood Committee in the Estates-General. The committee would enforce the name change and make sure that all names and institutions are “in sync” with the nation’s cultural character. People like Jorge Tuvallia think this should be the job of the Ministry of Culture, History and Information to do this. Meanwhile, Lord Pontmercy has voiced his opposition to the bill: “Why would you want to change the damn name to Alexandria? We’ve been Madland for two years and even if we change our name, people will probably still know us as Madland, so it woudn’t matter.”

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