Public Debates Chamber of Deputies Fate

© 2004 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Lonenberg (GP) – On 27 September, His Royal Majesty made a seemingly innocuous statement in an attempt to spark public interest in Götzborg’s Legislative Division, the Chamber of Deputies. What followed was a heated, yet respectful debate on the Chamber, and it’s potential fate. The debate took place in Konigplatz, Götzborg’s Public Forum.

Some citizens were in favour of dissolving the Chamber’s official duty as a legislative body, reverting Götzborg to a more pure, and Total Monarchy. Most citizens, however, favoured leaving the Chamber in place, and merely finding people to fill it’s positions. Over the past few months, His Majesty has made allowances for the lack of interest by allowing all citizens a seat in the Chamber – including the ability to draft Bills, and vote on potential laws. This is obviously not in accord with what the Chamber was meant and designed to do.

His Majesty has said that he wishes to find a qualified, and interested person for the position as President of the Chamber. He feels that once this all-important position is filled, that the Chamber can be kick-started, and hopefully attract others to fill the remaining seats. With the recent boost in our citizenry, we’re bound to find a few people who are willing to accept the challenge, and move Götzborg into a new era of legislative growth.

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