RCAA Leader Condemns President

RCAA leader Gov. Peter Little today denounced the President’s plan to only appoint DLPA members as colonial governors as anti-democratic. Gov. Peter Little has also condemned the DLPA as dictatorial. He states, “This President claims he loves democracy yet he only wants to appoint officials from his political party, says that the RCAA is banned from running in federal elections, and is against having a presidential election!”

He also said, “How can an un-elected president call him self pro-democracy. The DLPA call them democratic but want to wage war on the people of Amerada because many of them support the RCAA.” Gov. Little, who is also President of Camerica and Secretary of State in Saskberta and a member of the MOFF Party in New Macadam, threatened to lobby all democratic micro-nations to cut ties with Amerada if the DLPA continues to attempt to limit the rights of political parties in Amerada.

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