Recwar consequences

Column by John Carmichael of Alexandria.

We have just finished a recreational war that was meant to be a new Micronational World RecWar. If anything it was a bit of a let down. The “War of the Superpowers,” in which the newer nations sought to obtain superpower status over the older nations, ended with the almost predictable – the older nations won and upheld their status as superpowers. So what happens to the major players in this war? What are the possible consequences for Novatainia and Tokidoki in losing such a war? What may happen now that New Brittania, Alexandria and Stormark have re-affirmed their status as major world players?

Well, let us begin by looking at Novatainia and Tokidoki. Soon they will be known as the Confederacy of Gralus if they have their way. They are “magic” nations that indulge in magical aspects as well as real world aspects of micronations. They lost, quite heavily, in this war. Their armies surrendered and their navies were hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered towards the end when several fleets aimed to corner them.

It was unfortunately quite predictable that these nations would lose along with their ally Beaugium. Beaugium itself, despite all its bluster, is a minnow of gigantic proportions. An offshoot of Lovely, it is most likely doomed to share its parent country’s fate in micronationalism.

So now that they have lost, what now? It appears that the plan for the Confederacy of Gralus will continue and that the confederacy will continue to evolve and grow and one day will attain the superpower status it obviously desires. Naturally, it must be assumed that heads may roll and people will be shuffled about. Yet, they will gain nothing but experience from this. This recwar will be of great benefit to them and will allow them to see what they did wrong and how they can improve.

So now, we must look at the winners. Firstly, we must look at how New Brittania will fare in this post-war of the superpowers world. Already New Brittania has begun a major shift and major reform scheme designed to invigorate its large collection of overseas territories. Numerous government departments have been outsourced from Willow in an attempt to make the colonies that it fought for in this recent war actually matter to the New Brittanian Empire. It is also rumoured that the current King of New Brittania, Josephus I, is seeking a union with his other kingdom, Nova England, to create a British Union of perhaps the two most powerful British-themed micronations (although it must be said, New Brittania is the most powerful of these two). There could be strains on its relationship with the Gralans though. The former First Lord of the Admiralty in New Brittania, Lord Montague (perhaps one of the most hated men in micronationalism at times), caused huge controversy in the recwar with massive attacks on civilian populations while Earl Henry (the former King Jeremy) would not condemn such actions. This caused quite an argument with Andreas the Wise, which to the author’s knowledge, has not yet been fully resolved. Could there now be a Cold War between New Brittania and a new Confederacy of Gralus?

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