Referendum on the Union with Antica begins

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – Polls opened a couple of days ago on a national referendum opened by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, regarding the union with Antica. The referendum so far is going well for the measure. Three of the six citizens eligible to vote in the referendum have already casted their ballots for the Union. The Emperor still has to cast his public vote, and it is expected he will vote Yes, making Madland an Antican province. His Imperial Majesty still has not offered a plan for integration with Antica, but he has appointed members of a Transitional Government to help the transition. Lord Pontmercy has been named Interim Prime Minister (Interim Provincial Prime Minister) and Jorge Tuvallia has been named to the future Provincial Ministry of Culture. His Imperial Majesty is still set to make more appointments in the near future.

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