Reflections on my first year as Amerada’s Prime Minister

Column by Tristan Calvani.

This Sunday marks a month of my election as Prime Minister of Amerada. Over the past week I’ve been evaluating what I’ve done, what is still to be done and what I’m doing and I’ve been thinking about Amerada in general.

I don’t feel like putting this up on the Amerada Ezboard, purely for the fact that I don’t think it’ll be noticed that’s why I’ve gone to the MFP for its integrity and impartiality. For example, I recently posted a proposal for an article of the constitution and only one person has commented. The point I’m trying to get at is that recently Amerada has been a bit of a ghost town. We cannot survive on the small base of citizens we currently have. Later this week I’m initiating my tour of the micronations, this will include setting up links with leaders of other nations outside of Micro-Monde and the Apollo through correspondence. I also intend to leave, not spam-style, but constructive posts on various micronational fora. I feel that Amerada has the potential to be a big player on the micronational stage, I’m not expecting to be up there with the greats like Nova Roma, Atlantium or the Atteran Federation just like that, in a matter of weeks, but I do hope we become more of “household name” within micronationalism. I plan write to the Micronation and Sovereignty Website Index, which leads the way in publicizing micronations to the your average net-surfer.

One thing I’ve found a bit of an obstacle over the past three weeks of being Prime Minister is Amerada’s constitutional make-up, or rather the lack of it. One of the things that has confused me, regarding my Premiership is its ambiguity, what distinguishes the President from the Prime Minister? The President actually was quoted with saying they were basically equal in their powers. Another thing I was not aware, or more to the point, it was not pointed out to me that the Prime Minister was head of the legislature. My deputy, Chris Donle had to clarify that for me. To be honest Amerada makes the British form of government look organized. The legislative process is not clearly stated either, so another problem I have with Amerada. But I hope that can soon be rectified with further legislative change.

I want to change Amerada for the better, to bring a fresh face and breath new life and enthusiasm into it. I’m not gonna say whether I’ve been or I’ll make a good Premier, that’s for the people of Amerada to decide. All I know is I’ve got lots of ideas and I want to implement them desperately.

President Washburn is a great and dedicated leader, sometimes often too dedicated. Head of State-Head of Government relations have been good, and I consider him my friend and an ally, in fact him and Mr. Donle are probably my closest friends in Amerada. Earl you must, however, start to be a little more progressive in terms of reform. You keep telling me “no” on the Senate issue, and you’ve made me go and find 5 citizens by Sunday or my ideas won’t be taken into account. And for God’s sake Earl and Liam, can’t you two just get along? Imagine what we’d accomplish if we had both of you working together rather that against each other. Both of you are the most dedicated and loyal citizens of Amerada who put the most time in and what you both do is great, yet you hate each other’s guts. C’mon guys it’s time to bury the hatchet.

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