Rejection Leads to Development of Guidelines

Political parties have played a vibrant history in the Atteran State, having influenced the politics of the Imperial Rasinate of Q’Attera-Macusiaa on a daily basis, sometimes leading to major internal conflicts. Last week, prime ministerial candidate Johanns fonn Klosso petitioned to the Imperial Government to reform the All Attera Party, the most powerful political party in Atteran history, however this application was rejected by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The rejection of Klosso’s request drew criticism from several people, including Emperor Tzion I, who called Prime Minister Sinclair a “hard ass” for “not wanting political parties.” After the meeting with the Prime Minister however, the Emperor supported the decision by the PMO to disallow political parties on the basis that if there are no regulations in place to keep major political organizations in check, then they can have undue influence over the government in possibly detrimental ways.

Ras Daniel Dreesbach started a think-tank discussion shortly after the announcement from the PMO in order to come up with a list of what a political party can and cannot do. So far both Dreesbach and the Emperor have posted ideas on the issue, and more are expected to follow. With the Grand Executive Council just weeks away from ending its first session of the year, it is highly likely that any bill to regulate political parties will be tabled next session, which will open under a new government sometime in September.

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