Report on Madland for Antica published, pessimism runs high

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – His Imperial Majesty published today online an important report providing Antica with valuable information about its new adquisition: Madland. The report, published at, provides information about many aspects of Madland, like the economy, the government, geography, natural resources and such. The report also published a timetable for the transition of the Madlandian government into the new provincial government. It mentions the drafting of a provincial Charter and provincial elections, but until now many of the Madlandians that form part of the Transitional Government haven’t even applied for Antican citizenship or even participated in the drafting of the report. The Transitional Government has remained unresponsive, but a sign that things are slowly moving forward came recently when the Governor of Madland, Lord Pontmercy, officially opened his office to the public.

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