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Be prepared to step inside the world of the newspaper if you decide to read ‘A good life : newspapering and other adventures’, an autobiography by Ben Bradlee. Arguably the most noticeable achievement of Bradlee’s life was to doggedly pursue and finally uncover one of the greatest political scandals of all time, Watergate.

Bradlee’s life is told in this book, which chronicles his life from early on, right up to after his retirement from helm of the Washington Post. Reading this book you get a sense of the man behind the headlines, of a time where newspapers balanced between being a mirror on society and being an investigator in it.

Having been published in 1995 does not diminish this book’s capacity to be a strong read. Of particular value of it being published a decade ago is that we are able to see history’s judgement on the events that Bradlee was involved in; Watergate, the changing face and nature of the media, the evolution of relationships between the media and famous figures, the identity of Deep Throat.

Was it a good read? Yes. Was it a captivating read? Only once you got settled in. It is not the kind of book that demands your time like a Harry Potter or Dan Brown; it will not grab you and force you to read it. What it will do is offer an insight into the newspaper publishing world, as told by one of the men who lived, breathed and ultimately shaped it.

‘A good life : newspapering and other adventures’ by Benjamin C Bradlee; published by Simon & Schuster in 1995.


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