Rhetoric Increases between Politika and Baracao

Tensions between the Republic of Politika and the Republic of Baracao continue to be at a high level today, as both sides have taken jabs at each other in the past couple of days. Relations between the two nations have been on the edge of war for many months, ever since Politikan President Bobby reportedly confessed to the bombing of the Baracao forums earlier this year, and the hacking of the email accounts of high-level members of the Baracaoan Communist Party.

The latest round of insults flying from each side began when the Baracao government banned all citizens of Politika from the Baracao forums citing national security. Numerous Politikan citizens were very mad at the move by Baracao, and Politikan President Bobby seemingly took it personally (which is what some would argue was the intent of the Baracao government). Bobby soon released cartoons which mocked Baracao and its leaders and used his popular Radio Politika news broadcast to further slam the Baracao government. The broadcast took aim at the “wide range of powers” that Baracao’s government will retain under the new constitution currently being developed, implying that the Baracao government is repressive.

Some citizens of Baracao took exception to this implication and voiced their anger with Bobby and Politika itself in a demonstration in the Kingdom of Babkha. Also participating in the demonstration was former Baracaoan Minister of Defence, and sworn arch-enemy of Bobby, Edward Guimont. Baracao’s Vanguardia news service, run by Baracaoan Chairman Ramon, took aim at Politika by means of a political cartoon, comparing President Bobby to North Korea’s Kim Jong Il. Baracao has also started referring to Politikans as Politikkkans, implying that all Politikans, regardless of their political stance, are nothing more than evil racists who burn crosses and murder in cold blood.

A high level official in Politika hinted that relations may degrade even further to the point of war, and that should Politika join the Scheheradze Convention, it will be looking for an exception from the limitation preventing members of the Convention from waging war against each other. The official did not suggest a war with Baracao in the near future however.

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