Rhode Makes State of Union Speech

As his chances of being elected Prime Executive in the current elections gets lower (opponent Jason Steffke is expected to win by a few votes), PE Jason Rhode decided to announce Tymaria’s first State of the Union. The speech to a joint session of the two Tymarian Houses took place on Feb 28, 2002.

The PE noted many personalities in his speech, but the two most symbolic people were Minister of Defence Liam Sinclair and Chancellor Edward Conway because, according to the PE, they are, “two gentlemen who exemplify the power of reconciliation better than anyone else: Our Minister of Defense, Liam Sinclair and our Chancellor, Edward Conway. Both have toiled long and hard for this country; whatever their opposing positions; they were able to come together for the benefit of the Republic.”

The PE also thanked former PE, Austi Scot, who was thrown out of office after an impeachment vote passed, for his excellent work and his devotion to Tymaria. Mr. Scot was impeached for ordering the failed TYSOG mission into Morovia and his popularity quickly went down. He has/is hated by many people but his supporters too are a great number. He has seen the bad side of the PE’s job too much in the past and his ability to get through such difficult times shows him to be a man of great character.

Also, the PE mentioned various new Omnibus Legislative acts, including an Ombudsman who would check for abuses in the executive, an espionage act which would outlaw any citizen from participating in espionage on other nations, and an act to assign a full-time, devoted webmaster for the national website. He has also pledged a revamping of the Ministry of Research and Education, which has been suffering from inactivity for too long. The espionage act has received a lot of opposition in its first few days in the legislature. Many citizens have citizenship in other micronations. They feel that their activities in other micronations to which they belong should not be punishable in Tymaria. Minister of Defence, Liam Sinclair, and Ex-PE Scot have voiced their opposition over the Espionage Act, citing that sometimes it is necessary for the military and government to engage in espionage activities. Perhaps the most symbolic pledge made by PE Rhode is to remove the power from the Executive that almost allowed PE Scot to dissolve Tymaria a few weeks back. All in all, the pledges made seem good for Tymaria, however, as Jason Steffke is expected to be the next Prime Executive, will he hold true to the pledges that PE Rhode has made?

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