RIMA Essay Submission Deadline Nears

The submission deadline of 31 October for the first annual Royal Institute of Micronational Antiquities’ essay contest is fast drawing near. This year’s essay topic was simply “my micronational experience” in which participants were allowed to discuss all or a particular part of their micronational careers as a way of helping to build-up a library of first-hand historical accounts in the Anglophone Sector.

According to RIMA President, Liam Sinclair, the essay contest has been a success so far, with several entries submitted, but there is still room for much improvement in those numbers. The essay requirement is for a minimum of 500 words, though Sinclair places emphasis on quality, not quantity, and all micronationalists still interested in participating are strongly encouraged write an essay (it only takes fifteen minutes of your time).

Essays can be submitted to the contest via Sinclair at sinclair_liam@yahoo.ca until the end of the day on 31 October (extensions available if personally requested). The results of the judging, being carried out by a panel consisting of Sinclair, August Charles, and Iain de Vembria, will be released in mid-November after careful consideration of all submitted works. The winning essay will be published in the upcoming December 2005 monthly issue of the RIMA Journal and the top three winning authors will receive a micro-currency prize.

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