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History of the Micronational Free Press

The Micronational Free Press was initially founded by Liam Sinclair to serve as the local news service for the Colony of Tebec, a subdivision within the micronation of the Republic of Amerada. It was founded in the latter part of October 2001 as the Los Antréal Times-Journal and retained that name until March 2002. The Micronational Free Press title was bourn out of a need for the paper to appeal to the wider intermicronational community, not just the Republic of Amerada.

Like many upstart journalists without any real experience, the bias and lack of experience of Sinclair is very evident in his early stories, especially those aimed at Amerada President Earl Washburn, a political opponent of Sinclair.

The Micronational Free Press operated in a weekly publication routine for the majority of its printing, though in early 2003 it became the first micronational news service in the Anglophone Sector to pioneer the micronational news blog format, a format later popularized by the Cyberian Broadcasting Cooperative in 2004. In its blog format, the Micronational Free Press Newswire provided more frequent daily news updates to its readers until cessation of publication in the summer of 2003.

The Micronational Free Press also provided an Attera-focused service through the MFP Atteran Star, which was acquired from AtterConn on July 7, 2002. This gave the Press a unique standing as Attera’s official news service that would eventually grow into the award-winning Atteran Chronicle World news service.

The Micronational Free Press would become dormant in as Mr. Sinclair decided to invest the majority of his micronational news reporting time into the creation of the Atteran Chronicle World, the second major micronational news endeavour of Mr. Sinclair (and a micronational community award winning publication).


The following are the definitions of the various abbreviations used throughout the articles in this publication.

AAG – Amerada Association of Governors
AAP – Amerada Associated Press
AAPC – Amerada Anti-Partisan Coalition
AIN – Audentior Independent Nation
AOFS – Alliance of Free States
AOL – America Online
AOM – Assembly of Micronations
AWOL – Absent Without Leave
AWSM – Amerada Wall Street & Mail
BBA – Bobessian Airways
CDS – Chief of the Defence Staff
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
DISI – Directorate of Internal Security and Intelligence
DLPA – Democratic Liberal Party of Amerada
DLPOS – Democratic Liberal Party of Oh Scotia
DLPT – Democratic Liberal Party of Tebec
FFR – The “Free” Free Republic
FR – Free Republic
FT – Free Territories
FTA – Free Trade Agreement
GEC – Grand Executive Council
GMA – Global Military Alliance
GPA – Green Party of Amerada
HH – His (Her) Highness
HIH – His (Her) Imperial Highness
HQ – Headquarters
ICEO – Intermicronational Currency Exchange Organization
IDF – Interland Defence Forces
IME – Intermicronational Military Exposition
IMECON – Imperial Ministry of Economics (Attera)
INR – Imperium of Nova Roma
IP – Internet Protocol Address
IRS – Imperial Republic of Shireroth
ISS – International Security Service
JTFHQ – Joint Task Force Headquarters
LATJ – Los Antréal Times-Journal
LOM – League of Micronations
LOSS – League of Secessionist States
MCC – Microland Conservative Coalition
MCD – Massacavut Capital District (Amerada)
MCS – Micronational Cartography Society
MFP – Micronational Free Press
MFPnet – Micronational Free Press Network
MM – Micro-Monde
MNN – Micronational News Network
MOD – Minister (Ministry) of Defence
MOFA – Minister (Ministry) of Foreign Affairs
MP – Member of Parliament
MSA – Monarchist Society of Amerada
MSN – Microsoft Network Messenger
MSOS – Monarchist Society of Oh Scotia
MST – Monarchist Society of Tebec
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (macronational)
NBT – National Bank of Tymaria
NC – New Columbia
NDHQ – National Defence Headquarters
NM – New Macadam
NSP – National Symbols Project
NWK – New Worcestor Kingdom
PDP – Popular Democratic Party
PDSRA – People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Amerada
PE – Prime Executive
PM – Prime Minister
PRP – People’s Revolutionary Party
PSM – Party for Social Mobocracy
RCA – Republican Conservative Alliance (Camerica, South Mondesia)
RCAA – Republican Conservative Alliance of Amerada
RCAT – Republican Conservative Alliance of Tebec
SDPA – Social Democratic Party of Amerada
SM – South Mondesia
SMAK – South Mondesia Annexation Corps
SMDF – South Mondesian Defence Forces
TCP – Tebec Conservative Party
TDF – Tymarian Defence Forces
TPP – The Pacarian Post
TPN – The Pacary Network
TPX – The Pacary Exchange
TSE – Tymarian Stock Exchange
TSF – Tymarian Special Force
TYSOG – Tymarian Special Operations Group
UBR – United Bobessian Republic
URT – United Republic of Tymaria
VP – Vice-President
WBS – Washburn Broadcasting Service
WPC – Washiawa Post-Citizen
YAC – Yardistani Annexation Corps

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