Rough week ends for recreational warfare society

The Micronational Regulation of Warfare Society (formerly the Micronational Recreational Warfare Society) that handles the adjudication of recreational wars between member micronations has ended a turbulent week in which it has lost a considerable portion of its membership due to a new rule set introduced on November 21.

The Annual Defence Budget (ADB) Rule System, as it is known, first raised the ire of the Empire of the Alexandrians, one of the mainstay participants in recreational warfare, who announced their withdrawal from the Society on November 25. In his withdrawal order, Alexandrian Emperor Edgard II noted that the new system is “too burdensome and unnecessarily complicated for effective and fun micronational recwarring.” The Alexandrian withdrawal began a massive snowball effect that saw four other members withdraw from the Society, including the Viking Empire of Stormark (another regular recreational warfare participant).

The Society’s founder and Chairman, Benjamin Gray, was quick to criticize the resignations, noting that member nations are free to opt out of the new rule set in favour of others that are provided by the Society. According to Mr. Gray, “complaints about overly complex rules (as the ADB has been labelled) can only be made by the functionally illiterate or the terminally lazy,” referring to what he labels as misinterpretations of the system. He has refused to recognize the resignations of members other than Karnali, Alexandria, or Stormark unless those member nations first speak to him about the new rule set.

The Society found itself in further disrepute this week after Mr. Gray threatened the Federal Republic of Ocia with expulsion from the Geographical Standards Organisation (GSO), claiming that failure to recognize military actions undertaken by Babkha against them through the Society constituted a breech of the Geographical Standards Organisation contract requirements for geophysical simulation consistency. According to Mr. Gray, “MRWS conflicts have been a long-established extension of this, agreed by the first Board of Directors prior to [the launch of the Organisation].” Current GSO President, Extreme of Karnali, dismissed Mr. Gray’s claim of such a relationship between the two organisations, and further inspection of revealed that no such agreement as cited was ever formally implemented by the Organisation.

Ocia resigned its membership in the Society on November 28, though Mr. Gray has stated that the resignation will not be recognised until the Union of Eastern Giess. It is unlikely that such recognition will be provided as the Union’s Commission of Foreign Affairs is only authorized to deal with matters governing diplomatic relations between Union members and other micronations; not non-governmental organisations such as the Micronational Regulation of Warfare Society. The Union’s Commission also does not have the authority to prevent member nations from engaging in their own diplomatic policies.

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