Royal Order of Merit Awards Ceremony

© 2004 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Lonenberg (GP) – On 20 September, in a ceremony held at Lonenberg Palace, His Royal Majesty, King August Charles II, inducted five new members into the Royal Order of Merit.

The Commanders Cross was awarded to Thomas Godalming, who served Gotzborg as the first Minister of State in the Foreign Office.

The Officers Cross with Swords & Crown was awarded to both Lady Angel Davis, and Sir Robert Davis, KOE. My [ed. note: Angel Davis] award was presented for my work here on the Eagle, as well as loaning myself out to Attera for some minor graphic design work.

Sir Robert’s award was presented in recognition of his hard work in getting the King Charles II School of Law completed and ready for it’s first set of students.

The Cross 4th Class with Swords was awarded to George Santos for his service as first Minister of State in the Home Office, and for setting up Gotzborg within the soccer leagues of the EMSL and FMFA.

The Cross 4th Class was awarded to Captain Michael Smith for his initiative and enthusiasm in his first efforts while serving in the Royal Army.

All recipients are congratulated on their well-earned recognitions.

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