Saint-Croix is New Devonian Prime Minister

Following the emigration of Michael Dervin from the Kingdom of Devonia, the micronation’s monarch, King Rafael II, has moved quickly to fill the void in the prime minister’s office. The prime ministerial duties now fall on Joachim Saint-Croix, who was appointed by the King to “solely fulfill the promises of [former Prime Minister Dervin].” In his first address to the Parliament, Mr. Saint-Croix criticized the micronation for “holding a long winter sleep” that has resulted in little political action, barely any intermicronational communication, and no economic activity.

To address deficiencies in these areas, the Prime Minister intends to meet several goals within the first forty days of his term in office. Among these are the requirement to have at least five active citizens (which he defines as meeting the requirement of two posts per week for three consecutive weeks), as well as the creation of a political party to “have real political interaction.” Finally, to address the lack of diplomatic activity by the Devonian government, the Mr. Saint-Croix hopes to open up two new embassies. Following his first ninety days in office, the Prime Minister hopes to hold national elections.

Meeting the goals will take some effort on the part of the Devonian Parliament. Most notably, the three current ministries of government will be dissolved and replaced with solely the Prime Minister’s Office. Yet, that is not to say that everything in government will be directly operated by the Prime Minister. Within the office, there will be various department heads, each known as an “officer of the state.” The departments will not be permanent, instead changing to meet the needs and expectations of the population and the king.

The proposal to dissolve the current ministries has struck a bad note with King Rafael, who called the plan an “autocratic approach” on the part of the Prime Minister and reaffirmed to Parliament that the Prime Minister has no power to appoint ministers. Still, as a conciliatory gesture, the King promised to appoint ministers on the recommendation of Prime Minister Saint-Croix.

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