SCC Update

While the SCC waits for the conclusion of the vote on acceptance of the Basic Treaty that will end the conflict between the Socialist Democratic Republic of Slobovia and the United Kingdom of Arminy, the SCC is also attempting to decide on a logo that will represent the Scheheradze Convention as a whole.

So far there have been only two submissions that have been entered, and one pending. The first submission comes from the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg, with the second a product of the Atteran Empire. The Atteran Empire delegation placed a motion to open voting on the two choices, but then withdrew the motion when Pres. Julia offered to enter a logo of her design.

Since there is a week left before the Atteran Empire resumes its motion, the Scheheradze Convention Council encourages any person with graphics designing skill to offer their submissions via the SCC forum at the Atteran national Ezboard.

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