Scot Impeached; Rhode New Prime Executive

After losing the impeachment vote, Austi Scot tried to dissolve Tymaria, and in a failed attempt to do so lost any remaining credibility among the general public. Chancellor Jason Rhode was quickly selected to replace him and declared the dissolution null and void. A motion to ban the Prime Executive from dissolving Tymaria in the future is expected to pass the legislature in the coming weeks. Prime Executive Rhode made the following address to the nation as it lied in crisis:

My fellow citizens, our government still reigns, and the Constitution of Tymaria lives. I accept the office of Prime Executive. My friends, Austi Scot’s actions are clearly illegal, and he is unfit by any standard to hold the Executive Office. His removal has been advocated by the Senate. He has shown complete disregard for our laws, our ways, our Constitution. He has acted against the people, rather than for them. A wise man has pointed out that nobody in their right mind would dissolve Tymaria at this point, especially without providing any explanation at all and without any consultations. And no order made by an incapable executive is legal. An executive order has no power to go against the Constitution. I say to you that the Prime is not above the law, he is under it; he Republic was not made for the Executive, but the Executive for the Republic. I will shortly take the oath of office. I assume the Executive under extraordinary circumstances never before experienced by Tymarians. It is my first act to make a contract with my fellow citizens. My fellow Tymarians, as another Executive once said: Our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men. Here the people rule. Thank you, and long live Tymaria. For the last time, the Chancellor.

After taking the oath of office, Prime Executive Rhode countermanded the orders of Mr. Scot to dissolve Tymaria. Mr. Scot, upon being impeached and trying to destroy Tymaria was put under immediate house arrest by the Tymarian Defence Forces. The following announcement was made by then Acting Minister of Defence, Marshal Liam Sinclair:

In two hours, this MoD shall cease to exist, so I am letting it be known now, that as long as Tymaria is in anarchy and as long as the TDF is disbanded with Tymaria, I as Minister of Defence for Tymaria hereby sanction the Interland Defence Force from the Kingdom of Interland (and the IDF ONLY) to enforce security on these forums. I also publicly protest Prime Executive Scot’s decision to dissolve Tymaria. It is a horrible move to make as it will destroy what we have built. No such action by any Prime Executive should be sanctioned. As it is my sworn duty to protect Tymaria, from all threats, both foreign and domestic, I shall continue to do so even after 2 hours from now. Therefore, I hereby order the TDF to place Mr. Scot under house arrest and I also endorse the change in command to Mr. Rhode until new elections can be held. I’m sorry Mr. Scot, I know I swore an oath to you, but also in my oath, I swore to protect Tymaria above all else. All TDF personnel are hereby remanded to the command of the Chief of the Defence Staff, IDF until this situation is sorted out and Tymaria once again resumes its day-to-day operations. Until the dissolution declaration is overturned by PE Rhode, the TDF shall be disbanded in 2 hours unless he posts the countermanding orders before then.

Marshal Sinclair was made Minister of Defence by Prime Executive Rhode and the order to disband the TDF was thankfully withdrawn. Mr. Sinclair will still be the acting MoD until the senate approves him – which it seems to be ready to do shortly. There was no trial against Mr. Scot started in light of his illegal order to dissolve Tymaria, and no such trial will take place. The executive has decided to let Mr. Scot leave Tymaria quietly.

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